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Zoning and Permits

This is specific criteria required for replacement of sidewalks within the Village of Woodsfield. Residents and businesses are strongly encouraged to share these specifications with any contractor before they provide a quote, and they themselves be informed of the criteria. 

The Village of Woodsfield assists businesses and homeowners in supplementing a portion of the cost to replace sidewalks along their property.  A cost estimate must be attached to this Application, indicating the work to be completed follows the Sidewalk Replacement Specifications. This is a reimbursement program, whereby property owners will be reimbursed for 50% of the replacement cost, up to a maximum of $500 (five hundred dollars). The Application and accompanying documents should be returned to the Village Administrator.

Sidewalk Replacement Program Application

This form can be used to petition the Village of Woodsfield to change zoning designations for a particular property.  Adjacent property owners must sign the petition ( a majority).  A notice of a Public Hearing must be published in the paper no less than 30 days prior to the hearing, which is normally held in Council Chambers prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. The application fee for this process must be paid by the Petitioner at the time of filing. Fees can range from $35 to $50, and are subject to change according to advertising costs.

Petition for Zoning Variance

This document includes Ordinances regarding the placing of signs within the Village of Woodsfield. Fees for sign permits are included in this information, and fees are subject to change by Council legislation. 

Oridnances governing signage in the village

(requires legal size paper to print, two pages)  This document is for the application to receive a permit for signage within the Village of Woodsfield. 

Application for Sign Permits

Rental Agreements

This Agreement is used for rentals of the Community Center located at the Monroe Memorial Park behind the Poolhouse.  It is an air-conditioned/heated building with a kitchen area (minus a stove) and bathroom.  Tables and chairs are available to accommodate up to 75 persons. Rental fee is $75 for every 2 hours, or $225 for an entire day. A Security Deposit of $100 in cash is required to secure rental. Contact Park Manager Steve Eikleberry for rental availability at (740) 213-5706.

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